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What is the Zillow® Flex program?

Flex is a program from Zillow Premier Agent built with a singular vision - partnering with the best agents in the business to increase transactions. That's why Zillow partnered with ERA Justin Realty. Our partnership with Zillow increases transactions by providing connections and leads at no upfront cost and routing them to the agents best positioned to convert them to home sales. In Flex, we are aligning the success of our business with yours - we only win when you win.

Can any agent enroll in Flex?

The Flex Program is a very selective process. Interested agents will be asked to complete an online survey and an in-person interview with Greg Buchanan and Alicia Huff to become a member. If you are a real estate agent in the area who would like to sign up for Flex, but aren’t a Zillow Premier Agent, fill out the cantact form below.

How does Flex work?

Flex gives ERA Justin Realty agents connections and leads from Zillow Premier Agent at no upfront cost. Agents work with each client toward a closing, providing Zillow with brief status updates along the way. Once an agent closes a home transaction with a client, they pay a success fee out of escrow to Zillow.


Over time, agents who are strong converters will start to receive a larger share of the connections in their market. 

How does this program differ from Zillow Premier Agent?

Zillow Premier Agents receive connections and leads in a specific geographic area by paying for a share of voice in the ZIP code. Agents enrolled in the Flex program receive connections to home shoppers in their service areas without paying Zillow upfront. Instead, agents in Flex pay Zillow a success fee when they close a transaction with a connection from Zillow.

The Flex program is only available in select markets and requires specific enrollment by both the participating agent and their broker.

How much does it cost?

That's the beauty of the Flex Program. It's free. No more advertising dollars out of your pocket. We introduce you to home shoppers by creating a connection live over the phone, and you pay a success fee to Zillow only upon closing a transaction with that buyer or seller.

Are connections being validated any differently in Flex than in Zillow Premier Agent?

In Flex, we reach out to the lead and confirm that they are ready to work with an agent. Once we confirm this, we introduce you live over the phone, creating a connection. These connections are validated in exactly the same way as the connections you can receive from Zillow Premier Agent.

How can I maximize my connections in Flex?

In order to get the most value out of the Flex program, you’ll need to engage with your active contacts using the Zillow Premier Agent App at least weekly, and answer the phone when a connection is delivered to you as often as you’re available. Beyond these program basics, the more you engage in the following activities and update Zillow with your progress, the more connections you will be eligible to receive through the program.

- Convert your connections to in-person appointments
- Guide your clients to a successful transaction
- Maintain a high client experience score by providing great service
- Keep your past sales up to date and add new transactions as they occur

Don't worry, if you ever need assistance, Greg Buchanan and Alicia Huff will be there to help.

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