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Want to Know if You Qualify?

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Preferred Lender

Working with the right lender can make all of the difference.  

Our preferred lenders know the best products and programs that will help you get the best loan for your needs.  Working with a preferred lender will make the process seamless.  

They hold high standards of practice that match our professionalism.  

We recommend you contact them before making any financial moves in real estate.

Justin Bonura's headshot. He is a recommended lender.

Justin Bonura is a branch manager based in New Jersey and licensed in various U.S. states. Since 2005, he's been originating mortgages and excelled in his passion for helping others find full financial comfort in their home. As a high-producing mortgage professional, he's been named Top 200 Mortgage Originators in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine. Personalizing the process for his clients is the root of his success – landing you the right mortgage for your needs. After all, every home loan is unique to your goals, finances, and priorities.  

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